About Mapping
Falls Church

This research began at the Local History Room in the Mary Riley Styles Public Library in Falls Church, which houses collections on the city’s development since the late nineteenth century. The Falls Church land records, however, are not housed in Falls Church, but at the Fairfax County courthouse. 

  • After generating a list of possible estates and subdivisions based on materials contained in the Fairfax and the Falls Church collections, we searched in Fairfax County’s land deed database to find racially restricted properties.  
  • The regional map uses current public polygon and address data from the Falls Church’s Real Estate Assessment Information Database.

The list below reflects all of the racially restrictive covenants that we have discovered in the City of Falls Church. We will update this list if more subdivisions or estates are discovered.

Subdivisions & Estates

The following subdivisions & estates contain a lot or multiple lots with  racial covenants.

B. B. and W. Wells Development
Bruce Subdivision
Buffalo Park
Church Courts
Daniels Subdivision
Ellison Heights

Falls Church Heights
Falls Park
Great Forest
Greenway Downs
H. M. Murray
Larchmont Terrace
Midland Park
North Devonshire Gardens

Oak Haven
Roosevelt Court 
Smith’s Garden 
Virginia Forest
Virginia Village 
West Falls Church 


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